Mondale Events

UK wide and International Event Management Company

Mondale are a leading supplier of quality exhibitions, conferences and events throughout the UK.  The events are run in association with Local Authorities, University Departments, Schools, Colleges, Dental Associations, Hospitals, IT Companies etc. and focus on providing a forum for suppliers of a wide range of products and services to meet their target audience in one day and at one venue.

Corporate Event Management for industry and assistance in helping Head Teachers, Curriculum Leaders and ICT Support staff organise their Conferences for Education with little or no costs to them is our specialty

It is increasingly important for institutes, consortia, academic disciplines, IT Groups and regional bodies to provide forums for their members to meet and discuss topical issues but whilst the value of such events is quite clear, the method of providing a quality event is not so well understood. Mondale offers a comprehensive and professional service working closely with the sponsoring body.

The Company provides a full Event Management service for exhibitions, conferences, road shows, purchasing seminars, vendor meeting days etc.

Since Mondale undertakes all aspects of the organisation of an event, the hosting body is able to increase it’s profile by providing it's staff with a highly professional event with the minimum of effort. Mondale's track record in organising successful events coupled with it's contacts within the education and health sectors and in the commercial arena go a long way to eliminating any potential risk of failure.

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Our Events

9 June 2017
Gloucestershire Annual Primary Heads (GAPH) Heads, Deputies and Senior Leaders Conference and Education Fair

22 June 2017
Waltham Forest and Redbridge School Business and Office Managers Conference & Exhibition

21 September 2017
British Neurotoxin Network 2017 National Meeting

12 October 2017
University of Greenwich Procurement Exhibition 10.30am - 3.30pm

18 October 2017
Birmingham HR Services for Schools Conference and Exhibition - 8.00am - 3.30pm

10 November 2017
Leeds for Learning Primary and Secondary Mathematics 2017 Conference and Exhibition